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DVA has introduced Health Care Plans for LMOs to plan and coordinate care and service provision for veterans with complex care needs. The Health Care Plans are being tested to evaluate whether their use leads to better disease management and more supportive care, enhanced quality of life and longer term cost efficiencies. Entitled persons with a chronic condition lasting at least six months requiring multidisciplinary care from two or more providers will benefit from participating in the Health Care Plans.

Our Health Care Plans

Our plans and services offer guidance to help you choose, fianance, and use your benefits with confidence and success

Your needs are unique. So are our health plans. Choose from traditional plan designs or our innovative, consumer-directed options. You'll find the right coverage for your needs, consistent across all funding types and geographic locations.

health care plans

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With two billion pages on the internet and a quarter of them health based, can you find your favourite sites and the best medical information? Our site directs you to the most popular and reputable medical internet sites.
Our site provides a quick route to medical and health resources covering the following area for patients, doctors and other healthcare and medical professionals: National Health Service organisations, Local NHS services, Patients leaflets, Health news, Medical advice, Complementary medicines, Diagnosis sites, and Alternative therapies.

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We assure you that this web site is designed to give you the tools and information you need for quality healthcare.  We also know you want a relationship with good service and without hassles with a managed care plan.
Together we can help you have the best relationship of all, the one between members and providers. It's the most simple, convenient, effective way to manage your health care needs.  We committed to enhance the physician-patient relationship by providing care management services to support this relationship.

health care plans
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